About Us

Innovative Council for English (ICE) has immense pleasure in announcing UNIQUE competitive exam in English language for school children studying in the Standard III, IV, V, VI & VII. Communication is the key word to success in today's world. The language, which is spoken most widely in the world today, is English and the time has now come for all of us to be proficient in this language. ICE has created a novel method of making children enjoy learning English language by mastering the foundation of English grammar. ICE exam creates interest in children to study English grammar and in the course of time, be able to communicate their thoughts and opinions with fluency and clarity.


Create love & interest for learning English language in children.
Support the children to understand and master the foundation of English grammar.
Help them develop confidence in speaking and writing English.
To improve vocabulary.
Help them to prepare for further competitive exams in English like TOEFL and IELTS.
To help them communicate effectively and appropriately as words go a great way in communication.
Test the levels of the student’s mastery of comprehensive skills.


"ICE is one of the first PRIME institute to set up Scholarship examinations for school going children purely in English."
"ICE takes into account the syllabus prescribed for I.C.S.E., C.B.S.E. and S.S.C. patterns of examinations."