We dare to think “Out of the Box” & encourage our participating Students to attempt the same


We mix no words to say what’s true, the letters & pictures of our achievements are evident


It is our students who excel in our competitive exams that make us feel proud

ICE 2014 result declared Click here for Results


“ICE’s All India Open Scholarship Exam conducted by your Institute on 9th December, 2012 proved to be very helpful to our students. The response given by the Students and Parents is highly appreciable. Even the syllabus prescribed for every standard is very good.”
“We are very glad that Innovative Council for English Scholarship Examination was held in our school. English Scholarship Examination has improved Grammar and fluency in English Language of our students from Std 11 to Std IX. This Exam can help them in their future studies also. Students as well as School are very happy with this Scholarship Exam.”
“L.A.E.S is very happy to be associated with the Innovative Council of Learning. We have been sending forth our students for English Grammar examination arranged by this esteemed association for the past few years. There has been observed considerable improvement in the English Grammar concepts and English vocabulary of the students through these exams.

We would definitely recommend other schools to avail of such benefits accorded by ICE for the students.

The Innovative Council for English Exam was conducted in a proper manner in our school and All the appeared –Indents received certificate for the same”


“English as a language plays a very vital role in society.

The importance of English Language is emphasized especially when it comes to corporate behavioral patterns and etiquette. Proficiency and fluency in the language influence the personality of a person to a great extent. The enthusiasm of the students was visible from the participation and preparation for the ICE Exam. Through the conduction of ICE exam, the students got recognition and motivation so that they perform better in future.”


“The innovative Council for English scholarship examination was conducted for the first time in our school this year, for students from Std 11 to Std IX and the response from the students was excellent, The standard wise handbook provided to us was a guideline for the students improvement in the areas of grammar, comprehension etc, according to the level of the students.

Apart from school English syllabus, the exam provided an opportunity to appear for external examination and focused on raising the standard of This exam provided an, exposure to the language of English”


“We are very glad that Innovative council of English examination was held in our school. English scholarship examination has improved Grammar and the skill of communication. It helps them in their future studies also.
Students as well as school is very happy with this scholarship exam”